Welcome to Shape Shifters

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We’re a Levin based health and fitness facility built on results. Shape Shifters isn’t just a name. It’s our philosophy! Everybody who has ever stepped on a treadmill had a goal in mind, right? A target weight, a dream body, a new distance record, reduced cholesterol or to get fit for summer. They’re the single most important factor in your training. They’re the reason you join a gym in the first place. They define your exercise, your diet and they define your results. But thats where the traditional gym falls short: bringing members closer to their goals. That’s where we’re different.

We’re Getting You In Shape

redefining your gym experience

Things have changed and so can you! Shape Shifters is in the business of shifting shapes. Whether you’re trying to lose that baby weight or want to improve your 100m sprint. Whether you’re trying out for rugby or just want to fit that wedding dress. If you want to garden all morning without getting puffed, you want to see your abs or become a heavyweight champion, we have the equipment, program, expertise and motivation to help you get there. Our goals are getting you to yours.